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[Source: Nessa Leibhammer for FHYA using MAA materials, 2012: Cat ID: 107103; ID NO: Z 23596]

Attributions and conjectures

[Source - MAA, 2012:
Names: Bag - MAA (01/11/1998)
Keyword: Containers; Basketry
Material: Grass; Basketry
Descriptions: Small woven grass bag with plaited handle. Very stiff, made so that the sides of the bag bulge out. Variation in the type of weave to produce pattern. Also a cross X on each side in a darker grass. La... - MAA (01/11/1998)
Cultural Group:
Date Made:
Source: ?Bulwer, Henry
Source Date:
Place: Africa; Southern Africa; South Africa - MAA (01/11/1998)
Contexts: MAA (00/00/0000)
Updated: 03/12/2004
Created: 01/11/1998]

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