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Archival Descriptions
Killie Campbell Africana Library (KCAL) Series
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FHYA collation of items pertinent to the testimonies of individual interlocutors from six published volumes of the James Stuart Archive

[Source - Carolyn Hamilton for FHYA, 2019: Series contains 6 subseries arranged by date of published volume. Each subseries contains files named by interlocutor and comprise: a placeholder for photocopies of James Stuart's handwritten notes of his conversations, with handwritten annotations by John Wright; the version published in an edited volume by Colin de B. Webb and John Wright; a placeholder for a Hyperlinked Archival Research Tool; the Killie Campbell African Library's James Stuart Papers inventory; and John Wright's summary of the James Stuart Papers.]

FHYA selection of associated materials held by John Wright

[Source - FHYA, 2019: Series contains a circumscribed version of scans of annotated photocopies of handwritten originals from the James Stuart Papers, which John Wright, one of the editors of the published volumes of The James Stuart Archive of Recorded Oral Evidence Relating to the History of the Zulu and Neighbouring People (6 vols.), arranged, used and annotated to prepare the published texts; and a selection of papers by John wright regarding James Stuart's interlocutors as sources.]

FHYA James Stuart archival research tool

[Source - Debra Pryor for FHYA, 2019: File contains a circumscribed version of an Archival Research Tool which was made by the FHYA team in 2018. They made a digital copy of John Wright’s set of hand-annotated photocopies of the notes of James Stuart’s conversations and linked them to the published text across all six volumes of James Stuart Archive of Recorded Oral Evidence Relating to the History of the Zulu and Neighbouring Peoples. The Killie Campbell Africana Library (KCAL), which holds the original handwritten notes, has given permission for the photocopies and research tool pertinent to only one interlocutor, Socwatsha kaPhaphu, to be made available online.]