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Nicholas Maritz Serie
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FHYA selection from Maritz Series

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA using materials provided by Nessa Leibhammer, 2018: The core of what would become the Maritz Collection at JAG was assembled by Jonathan Lowen in London. This was then purchased by Nicholas Maritz who added further items to it before selling the collection, which he classified as ‘Northern Nguni’, to the JAG in 2013. The Maritz Collection is housed within Traditional Collections in JAG. The FHYA selection of the items within the Maritz Collection was made by Nessa Leibhammer, who curated the Traditional Collections from 1994 to 1996, and then again from 2005 to 2013. This selection contains 62 items, and their associated material, which Leibhammer identified as probably dating to the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and as coming from the FHYA target area of KwaZulu-Natal and immediately adjacent regions. Leibhammer further selected items within these criteria for which images were readily available.]