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Phuhlaphi Nsibandze

  • Person
  • [19-?] - YYYY

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2017, using WITS materials: At this time the FHYA has not been able to locate biographical information about Phuhlaphi Nsibandze. He was interviewed by Isaac Dlamini on behalf of the Royal House of Dlamini at the Embo State House in Swaziland in 1968.]

Philip Bonner

  • Person
  • 31 March 1945 - 24 September 2017

[Source - FHYA, 2016: Prof Bonner was Professor of History at the University of the Witwatersrand and held the NRF Chair in Local Histories and Present Realities. He was also the Chair of the History Workshop and was principal organizer of conferences and open days in 1990, 1994 and co-organizer of the 1999 History Workshop on the Truth and Reconciliation Report entitled “Commissioning the Past” the two History Workshop Conferences that were staged in 2001:“Aids in Context” and “The Burden of Race” and the History Workshop Conference on ‘Rethinking Worlds of Labour’, held in July 2006. Each of these has been a landmark intellectual event. Phil Bonner also organized/participated in various teachers’ workshops in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North-West Province. He was on the editorial committee of the South African Democratic Education Trust and helped supervise the production of Vol.1 of The Road to Democracy in South Africa. He was historical consultant and executive producer to a six part documentary television series entitled Soweto: A History, which embodied a large amount of original historical and film archival research. It was screened on Channel 4 in Britain, on SBS in Australia and was shown on SABC TV 1 to considerable critical acclaim. Phil Bonner was the co-curator of the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. He entered a partnership between History Workshop and the Robben Island Museum and supervised a pilot project interviewing ex Robben Island prisoners.]

Phica Magagula

  • Person
  • [19-?] - YYYY

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2017, using WITS materials: At this time the FHYA has not been able to locate biographical information about Phica Magagula. He was interviewed by Philip Bonner in the Kutsimuleni area of Swaziland in 1970.]


  • Person
  • c.1853 - YYYY

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2018, using The Collection of Father Franz Mayr Zulu Recordings 1908, CD booklet: Pakati was recorded by Father Franz Mayr in around 1908. He was about 55 years old at the time of recording.]

P. Khumalo

  • Person
  • [19-] - YYYY

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2017, using WITS materials: P. Khumalo was a translator and transcriber who worked on the interviews conducted by Carolyn Hamilton in Swaziland in the 1980s.]

Baroness Eliza Margaret von Hügel

  • Person
  • 1840 - 1931

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2018, using Baroness Eliza Margaret von Hügel, more often known as Isy, was born Eliza Margaret Froude in 1840, the daughter of the engineer and naval architect William Froude F.R.S and his wife Catherine (nee Holdsworth). She married Baron Anatole von Hügel in 1880, after which they moved to Cambridge and where Anatole was appointed the first Curator of what was then called the Museum of General and Local Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, a position he would hold for the next thirty-eight years. Eliza donated much of her own money to the Museum, and laid the foundation stone for its new building in 1910. She died in 1931.]

Bob Forrester

  • Person
  • c.1958 - present

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA , 2017, using "Biosocial Becomings: Integrating Social and Biological Anthropology" note on contributors: Bob Forrester was born in Swaziland. He is an archaeological consultant to the Swaziland National Museum, He created a digital database of San art with the Rock Art Research Institute of the University of Witwatersrand. He founded the Swaziland Digital Archives in order to preserve Swaziland's photographic heritage.]

Henry Ernest Gascoyne Bulwer

  • Person
  • 11 December 1836 - 30 September 1914

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2017, using the British Museum website; Nessa Leibhammer for FHYA using Wikipedia, 2016: Sir Henry Ernest Gascoyne Bulwer, the nephew of Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer, was a British colonial administrator and diplomat. He was the Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of Natal from 1875-1880, and the Governor of the Colony of Natal and Special Commissioner for Zulu Affairs from 1882-1885. He was the High Commissioner for Cyprus from 1886 - 1892, wherein he restricted archaeological excavations to public bodies undertaking scientific research, which led to the creation of the Cyprus Exploration Fund. He also reformed the Cyprus Museum. Bulwer himself was also an avid collector. Much of his own collection of antiquities and ethnographic material was donated to Cambridge University, where they are now housed at the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.]


  • Publisher
  • 1916 - present

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using the Wikipedia article on Huisgenoot: Huisgenoot is a weekly Afrikaans-language general-interest family magazine. It was founded as the monthly De Huisgenoot in 1916. The Dutch-sounding title De Huisgenoot was later changed to the more Afrikaans-sounding Die Huisgenoot and, finally, in 1977 the name was further simplified to simply Huisgenoot. The magazine remains in publication to this day.]

Allan Francis Gardiner

  • Person
  • 1794 - 1851

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using the Wikipedia article on Allan Francis Gardiner: Allan Francis Gardiner was a British Royal Navy officer and a missionary. He was born on 28 January 1794. After serving in the British Royal Navy, Gardiner travelled to southern Africa in 1834 to begin his missionary work. He started the first missionary station at Port Natal in South Africa. From 1834 to 1838, he worked to open Christian churches in Zululand. He also founded a mission at Hambanathi on near the Tongaat river. He left South Africa in 1838 and continued his missionary work around the world. Gardiner is believed to have died on 6 September 1851 on Picton Island where he had been attempting to open a mission.]

Clarence van Riet Lowe

  • Person
  • 4 November 1894 – 7 June 1956

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using the Wikipedia article on Clarence van Riet Lowe: Clarence van Riet Lowe was was a South African civil engineer and archaeologist. In 1935 he was the first director of the Bureau of Archaeology. He served for the South African army in both WWI and WWII. In 1938 he received his Doctorate of Science in Archaeology from the University of Cape Town. In 1954 he retired from the Bureau of Archaeology (which was then called the "Archaeological Survey"). He died in Knysna in 1956.]

Dr. Daniel McK. Malcolm

  • Person
  • 1885 - 13 November 1962

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using African Studies, 1963, Volume 22, Issue 1: Dr. Daniel "Danny" McK. Malcolm was chief inspector of Bantu education from 1920 to 1944, following which, he became the first lecturer in Zulu at the University of Natal, a position he held until his death. He was a leading authority on Zulu literature. He published "A Zulu Manual for Beginners" in 1947, and translated into English two volumes of verse by Zulu poet D.B. Vilakazi. At the time of his death, he was involved in translating and annotating James Stuart's collection of Zulu praise poems.]

Harry Camp Lugg

  • Person
  • 9 May 1882 - November 1978

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using materials from the Campbell Collections at the University of KwaZulu-Natal: Harry Camp Lugg was born on 9th May 1882 at Knox's Hotel, Umzinto. As a child, he learnt to speak Zulu fluently. In 1895, Henry Lugg was appointed district adjutant and the family moved to Greytown. On 5 December 1899 Harry Lugg joined the Natal Civil Service as an acting clerk and Zulu interpreter in the Polela magistracy, and in 1903 was transferred to the Native Affairs Department. He was welfare officer at King Edward VIII Hospital, Durban for 12 years. He died in November 1978.]

James Walton

  • Person
  • 1911 - 1999

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using Stellenbosch University Library's digital collections page James Walton was born in 1911. He worked on materials surrounding uMgungundlovu. He died in 1999.]

Magoloza Mkhonta

  • Person
  • [19-?] - YYYY

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2017, using WITS materials: At this time the FHYA has not been able to locate biographical information about Chief Magaloza Mkhonta. He was interviewed by Carolyn Hamilton in the Ngwenyameni area of Swaziland in the 1980s.]

Mamba Logwaja

  • Person
  • [19?] - YYYY

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2017, using WITS materials: At this time the FHYA has not been able to locate biographical information about Logwaja Mamba. He was interviewed by Philip Bonner in the Mamba area of Swaziland in 1970 and again by Carolyn Hamilton in the Ngudzeni area of Swaziland in the 1980s.]

Owen Coetzer

  • Person
  • 1938 - 2003

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using Owen Coetzee was a South African journalist and author. He worked for several newspapers in South Africa and wrote three books, the best known of which was an account of the burning of Boer farms during the Anglo-Boer War, "Fire In The Sky". After starting his career as a journalist in the late 1950s at the Diamond Fields Advertiser in Kimberley, Coetzer moved to The Friend in Bloemfontein. He worked at the Daily News in Durban until 1979 when he then moved to Cape Town where he worked for The Argus. Later he worked as the editor of Navy News as well as the editor of Getaway magazine. In Durban, he served as chairman of the Natal Folk Music Association, and in the 1970s started his own music magazine in Durban, Trend.]

Pieter W. Grobbelaar

  • Person
  • 25 December 1930 - 19 January 2013

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using wikipedia: Pieter Willem Grobbelaar was a South African author primarily known for his children's and youth stories. He started his career as a journalist at Die Burger and continued it at Die Volksblad in Bloemfontein. He became director of the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1956. In 1984 he became a professor in the Department of African Culture at the University of Stellenbosch. He died in 2013.]

Percival Robson Kirby

  • Person
  • 17 April 1887 - 7 February 1970

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using Professor Percival Robson Kirby was a Scottish-born South African musicologist, conductor, and composer. In 1914, he emigrated to South Africa and became the music organizer of the Natal Education Department. In 1921, he founded the music college at the University of Witwatersrand (then known as University College. He is best known for his scholarly work on South African music.]

Helperus Johannes Hofstede

  • Person
  • Unknown

[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2020, using the Historia, volume 56, number 2, published in Durban in November 2011: Helperus Johannes Hofstede wrote the book "Geschiedenis van den Oranje-Vrijstaat, in Verband met eene Korte Geschiedenis der Aangrenzende Kolonien, Vooral der Kaapkolonie, Volgens Bezworen Verklaringen der Voortrekkers, en de Archieven, Documenten en Proclamatien, met Schetsen en Kaarten Opgeluisterd", which was published by DA Thieme in 1876. At this time the FHYA has not been able to locate any further biographical information about Helperus Johannes Hofstede.]

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