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  • Source du titre propre: Chloe Rushovich for FHYA using Msunduzi Museum materials

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[Source - Chloe Rushovich for FHYA, 2018, using Msunduzi materials:
Addisionele Inligting: Die koper armstuk was die hoogste toekenning vir dapperheid op die slagveld. Gelyk aan die Britse V. C. (Victoria Cross). Deur die Zoeloe smit om die soldaat se arm toegeslaan op bevel van die Koning. Kon nooit verwyder word en het op warm dae veral, baie pyn en ongerief veroorsaak rond sere het ontwikkel dikwels septies geword en die hand het begin afvrot. Salelate het op warm dae met die arm in die water strome gelê on dit aftekoel. Udingana wahlobisa amaqawe ngesongo engalweni.
Onderweros Hoof/de: Volkekunde
Title Spesifieke Naam/Titel: Armskild
Aanwinsno: DSS98&99
Datum: 27/12/82
Loan No. Tydelike/Leningsno:
Ras: Zoeloe
Volksnaam/Skrywer Medeling: Ingxotha udingane wahlobisa amaqawe ngensongo engalweni
Oorsprong: Natal. RSA. Dingaanstat S. Stasie
Vindplek: Hlomo Amabutho
Materiaal: Koper
Metode van Vervaardering/Tegniek: Deur n Zoeloe smit verwaardig
Funksie: Toekenning vir Dupperheid
Mate: 180mm lank; 2 gebroke stukke aan me kaap omknek bo - 180mm; omsnee onder - 240mm
Kleur: Bruin - koper
Verdere Beskrywing: n Koper armstuk in 2 stukke in die lengte gebreek. Een groter as die ander. Oppervlak glad afgewerk maar daar is sewe riffies on die stuk waarvan die middelste egalig rond is en die ander 6 weerskante het n op en af golwe patroon. Aan die smal kant is die koper effens aangekul. n Growwe kol binne die groot stuk.
Toestand: Gebreek in die lengte. Smal kant stukke bietjie gekraak en omgekrul. Verder - goed.
Aanskaffing: Uit versameling van Ds. P. Stander destyds van Dingaanstat sendingstasie (1949 - 1974). Geskenk deur wyle Mnr. Paul Bester.]

Attributions and conjectures:

[Source - Translated from Afrikaans into English by Athos Rushovich for FHYA, 2018, using Msunduzi materials:
Additional Information: The copper arm band (or bangle) was the highest award for bravery on the field of battle. It ws akin to the British Victoria Cross. Attached to the arm of the warrior, by the Zulu blacksmith at the command of the King. It could never be removed. Especially on hot days, it caused pain and discomfort. Round sores often developed and became septic, causing gangrene and the loss of hands. Warriors would lie with their hands in water streams to cool the copper.
Subject Heading/s: Ethnology
Specific Name/Title: Arm decoration
Accession No.: DSS 98 and 99
Date: 27/12/82
Temp/Loan No.:
Race: Zulu
Indiginous[sic] Name/Author Statement: Ingxotha udingane wahlobisa amaqawe ngensongo engalweni
Origin: Natal RSA – Dingaan Street Mission Station
Location: Hlomo Amabutho
Material: Copper
Method of Manufacture/Technique: Manufactured by a Zulu blacksmith
Function: Award for bravery
Measurements: 180mm long, 2 broken pieces beaten together, circumference (top) 180mm, diameter below 24mm
Colour: Copper / brown
Further Description: A copper bangle broken in two in the length. One larger than the other. The surface has been worked to a smooth finish. There are 7 ridges, the middle one is perfectly rounded, while the other six have wavey patterns on them. At the thinner end, the copper has curled up and thetre is a rough patch in the larger piece
Condition: Broken in the length, the thinner end cracked and curled up, otherwise in good condition.
Acquisition: From the collection of Pastor P Stander, at the time, resident of Dingaan Street Mission Station (1949 – 1974). Donated by the late Mr Paul Bester]

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