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  • Source du titre propre: Nessa Leibhammer using JAG materials

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  • 2016 - (Online curation)
  • 1987 - (Conservation)
    Margret Carey
  • [between 1983 and 1984] (Making)

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[Source – Nessa Leibhammer for FHYA, 2017: The two boxes containing Brenthurst catalogue cards compiled by Margret Carey for Jonathan Lowen, were kept by Nessa Leibhammer in her office during her time as curator at the JAG.

The entire Traditional Collection including Brenthurst has been entered into the City of Johannesburg Star database, a digital record keeping system without images, set up in the early 2000’s. In 2015 SAHRIS funded the digitisation of the entire Traditional Collection including Brenthurst. This is now publicly available via their website http://www.sahra.org.za/sahris/]

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[Source - Sarah Schaefer for FHYA, 2020, using Brenthurst catalogue card: JL - G - 80
SNUFF-BOX: Gourd, covered with white black green and red beads, with a bead carrying loop and stopper covered with green and red beads.
Ht: (overall) 10.6 cms Ht: (without stopper) 9.4 cms Di 7 cms
(ZULU) N./S. Nguni/S. Sotho (handwritten annotation)
cf. Ann. S.A. Mus XXIV, v, pl. LWV.
Those are Pondomisi, Tsolo district, Transkei, but the green beads indicate Zulu rather than Pondo.
Snuff box, Fringe S NGUNI, bottom rest not N TRANSKEI
S NATAL area (poss this century, early part) (handwritten annotation)]

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